Sum Sanos Wellness & Habit Intervention Programme (monthly)



Programme structure and payment
Registration Fee $395.00 + 12 monthly payments $179 starting 30 days after the initial registration.

As a  licensed Sum Sanos™  coach, I will teach you tools and techniques to loose weight and keep it off.  

Sum Sanos is scientific and evidence-based coaching programme that incorporates habit based intervention coaching.  The Sum Sanos Method can be applied to support change in many areas of your life; smoking cessation, self-care, personal development, fitness, confidence and general well-being.  Imagine being automatically disposed to wellness?  

Learn  the tools and techniques to shape your life in a way to mirrors your desires and values.  

Sum Sanos™ is not about strenuous exercise, restrictive diets, challenges or pills.  It is about creating lasting change through changing your everyday behaviours.   More information and videos can be found in the programmes tab.

Programme details 

1. The Sum Sanos™ Method 

2. 12 Monthly coaching sessions, comprehensive client guide – Wellness and Well-being 

3. 3 accountability calls per month 

4. Academic seminars – High Interest educational events once a month 

5. Back office with recordings available 

6. Facebook community for motivation 

7. Sum Sanos™ DSD Application 

8. As client numbers permit – Live wellness Symposiums

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