About me

Thank you for your inquiry and investigation into the potential of our coaching relationship. 

My aim is to inspire you to create the life you desire.  Life is about living and there is true satisfaction when you know what your personal direction and purpose in life.   

The values that I live my life by are: contribution - we all need a sense of purpose or place to be of service in this world, compassion - we all need to be treated with love and respect, creativity - we all need a sense of fun, joy and spontaneity.  We are the makers of our own destiny, so we may as well make it a fun, adventure. 

I help people to be the best they can be, so they can improve their life and their relationship with others or themselves.

I feel privileged to be able to teach these powerful life skills and support others make their desired life changes.

What I guarantee

-  a safe, supportive, confidential space

- you will feel heard and understood

- clarity and understanding to help you make decisions 

- action planning processes that support goal achievement

- intuitive, reflective, constructive coaching relationship

- I will uphold ICF Code of Ethics

My Credentials

- 10 + years’ Service Management in NGO; operations management, project management and employee training and development

- Diploma Business Studies Elective Management from Massey University

- YB12 Corporate Coach

- Sum Sanos Wellness Coach

- 3+ years Active Living and Wellness Coaching

- Personal Trainer and Group Fitness instructor

More about me

Hi, I am Rebekah Charlton.  Born in Pukekohe, New Zealand but from an early age ran or rode around a dairy farm in Tararua.  Which is where I still reside with my life partner and daughter of 16 years.  When introduced to the YB12 materials, they instantly resonated with me as I had already been applying the techniques in my own life.  As an avid equestrian competitor, I learnt the importance of understanding my emotional state and the power of my thoughts and self-talk.  

My life's path has included numerous hurdles and I have learnt from my mistakes and from those around me.  Hence, I have empathy and understanding about the emotional trauma from living with abusive relationship, drug addition, eating disorders, anxiety, or depression.  The drive to become a professional life coach was seeing people stuck in these past experiences, still hurting or limiting themselves from an alternative outcome; one that is happy and whole.  

My life's contribution is to provide the help, support and tools to those that want to step into a better life.  So that they can have their best year ever, year after year.


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