Life feeling a bit flat?

Wanting more energy, spark or emotional contentment?  Does your body feel stiff, painful or just not moving the way you want it to?  Halcyon Wellness is a designated space to support the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of oneself.  If you body needs movement or stillness - there's the right session for you.  

Elite Coaching at Halcyon Wellness

If you are needing a more personalised exeperience then 1:1 coaching is available.  

Yin Yoga Healing Session 

Yin for Healing uses trauma informed yin yoga to recognises self empowering methodologies of Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness. 

  • An opportunity to heal your Body-Mind disconnection
  • Increases Self Responsibility & Care
  • Explores physical and emotional tension
  • Releases Fascia and increases hydration
  • Stimulus to entire metabolism
  • Connects with innate wisdom and Intuition
  • Develops mindful awareness 
  • Experience of the unseen energetic body
  • Introduces states of Meditation

Active Living and Wellness Coaching

Ready to improve your physical and emotional well-being?  Reduce your stress or anxiety?  Whatever your wellness goals are, Active Living and Wellness Coaching will support you on your journey and give you new tools and strategies for long term success.

  • Learn psychological tools and techniques needed to support long term change, such as habit-based intervention, preferred reality conditioning or relaxation techniques. 
  • Address problems or issues that may have surfaced so that limitations and old belief systems and worked through and replaced.                                                                                              
  • Be supported and accountable so that you achieve your goals each week.  These sessions are personalised for each participant. 
  • Emotional resilience, stress and anxiety and personal wellness are all areas that can be supported and worked through.  

Personal Training 

What to improve your fitness, physical strength, flexibility, mobility?  Enjoy the results that working with a personal trainer can bring - accountability and motivation and results! These sessions are personalised for each participant.                                                                                                          

Sum Sanos Weight Loss Coaching 

As a  licensed Sum Sanos™  coach, I will teach you tools and techniques to loose weight and keep it off.  
Sum Sanos is scientific and evidence-based coaching programme that incorporates habit based intervention coaching.  The Sum Sanos Method can be applied to support change in many areas of your life; smoking cessation, self-care, personal development, fitness, confidence and general well-being.  Imagine being automatically disposed to wellness?  
Learn  the tools and techniques to shape your life in a way to mirrors your desires and values.  
Sum Sanos™ is not about strenuous exercise, restrictive diets, challenges or pills.  It is about creating lasting change through changing your everyday behaviours.   More information and videos can be found in the programmes tab.
Programme details 
1. The Sum Sanos™ Method 
2. 12 Monthly coaching sessions, comprehensive client guide – Wellness and Well-being 
3. 3 accountability calls per month 
4. Academic seminars – High Interest educational events once a month 
5. Back office with recordings available 
6. Facebook community for motivation 
7. Sum Sanos™ DSD Application 
8. As client numbers permit – Live wellness Symposiums

Other Coaching programmes are also available - YB12 and Classic - keep scrolling for more details. 

Get the support and clarity you need to achieve change in your life.  Let's discuss your specific needs in more detail.

Contact Rebekah from Elite Coaching today.

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YB 12

YB12 means 'your best 12 months' and YB12 has been changing people’s lives for over 20 years, with the company’s mission to make a positive difference in the lives of over one million people. 

The YB12 material is based on sound psychological principles and teaches skills and techniques that can be applied to your life or business year after year.

YB12 has a wide range of programs to suit the needs of individuals, SME or large companies.   

YB12 is delivered in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK and throughout Europe.

YB12 has a 25 year history, offering programs from short workshops to comprehensive 12-month programs.

Training can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation or workforce.


YB12 Programs

Classic - suitable for individuals wanting to achieve their business or personal dreams and have their best year ever.

Results- ideal for a team or business that needs consistency in the understanding and application of an organisations strategic vision.

Total Focus - short, motivational workshop to get you focused and ready to achieve your desired goals. Followed by a 90-day challenge of change.

Programs can be delivered face to face, individual or groups or through live video conferencing. 


Satisfied with your life? Time for your best 12 months ever?

The YB12 Classic Program supports you through the change process.  

Driven by your self-analysis, you learn the skills required to move through your mental barriers and resistance.

The beauty of the Classic Program is that what you learn over 12 months will continue to be tools in your life skills toolbox.

"Have Your Best Year Ever" has been the YB12 catch phrase for the last 20 years.  What would your best year ever look like?  New car, job or holiday? 

Join the 200,000 + people that have been through the YB12 programs and make your year ahead sensational. 

Program Details 

Over 12 months we cover the 12 module topics during an 1-hour coaching session. You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, where you want to go and the action planning process to support achievement.  You will also learn about handling stress, achieving a balanced life, emotional management, thinking and living creatively alongside many other module topics.

Do you want to shape your life in a way that mirrors your desires and values in life?

Do you want a toolbox of techniques to help you navigate life's turbulent times?

Do you need to make changes to become truly fulfilled and not sure where to start?

The Classic Program is for you!  

Best time is now. Book an introductory meeting today.

Sum Sanos™ Program

Tired of your weight struggle?  Want more energy and vitality?  As a licensed Sum Sanos™ coach I can support you to achieve your weight loss goals and dreams. 

Sum Sanos™ is scientific and evidence-based coaching program for weight loss and long-term weight management.   The 12-month habit-based intervention program is underpinned by the sound psychological principles of a personal development coaching program.  

Habit based intervention coaching can be applied to support change in many areas of your life; smoking cessation, self-care, personal development, fitness, confidence or general well-being.  

Sum Sanos™ is not about strenuous exercise, restrictive diets, challenges or pills.  

Participants who have been on the program not only achieved their wellness outcomes, they lost weight and kept it off for years! Plus, they report the program was both practical and enjoyable.

Do you want to like what you see in the mirror?

Take control of your own life and be free from the habits that don't serve you.   Be supported through the emotional journey of losing weight, learn to understand who you are and why you make certain choices.  Be free from your life-long struggle with weight.  

Start to love the new you.

Let me explain the program in more detail. Takes about 15mins


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