Emotional Eating Workshop Series

Nearly 1/3 of the population identify with being an emotional eater.

Do you want to gain an understanding of the impulsive mind and learn about emotional triggers?

In the Emotional Eating Workshop Series you will be introduced to coping strategies that are evidence-based formulas to improve your emotional management.  Throughout the process, enjoy the support and motivation of an Active Living and Wellness coach.  

Imagine being free from your emotional struggle with food.  

Emotional Eating Workshop Schedule 

Workshop One   

Learn about emotional eating, why we are tempted and why can't control ourselves in times of stress or boredom.  Learn a practical technique to take home and apply.

Workshop Two 

Be introduced to additional emotional eating tools and strategies to take home and try.      Discuss the effectiveness of the new techniques learnt in week 1 and deepen understanding.  

Workshop Three

Learn why we give in to temptation or experience ego depletion – the state if diminished self-control .  Learn how to overcome unhelpful ingrained habits so that change is long-lasting and positive.  Discuss the effectiveness of tools and techniques learnt in week one and two. 

Workshop 4

Say goodbye to the shame and guilt of overeating.  Learn about a healthy self-image and how we can change the way we view ourselves to support our new emotional awareness and eating practices.  Reflection and Celebration.

Workshops are 1 - 1.5 hours in duration for four weeks.  Workshops are delivered in Hawke's Bay, Tararua and Manawatu  or via internet video call.

$197 for Workshop series 

$160 for Virtual workshop series


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