Congratulations! You have made the first step toward your weight loss goal.

The Sum Sanos™ method teaches tools and techniques to help shape your life in a way to mirrors your desires and values.  Sum Sanos™ can transform the way you  see yourself, look at life, and your ability to manage your actions and behaviours.

A 12 Month Weight Loss and Life Transformation Program based on the most recent scientific evidence on Habit Based Intervention underpinned by sound psychological based principles. 

Life Transformation – who doesn’t want that?  Sum Sanos™ Habit based intervention coaching can be applied to support change in many areas of your life; smoking cessation, self-care, personal development, fitness, confidence or general well-being.  What to find out more? Book a no obilgation, 15mins call.

Sum Sanos™ is not about strenuous exercise, restrictive diets, challenges or pills. 

Do you suffer from emotional eating?  

Nearly 1/3 of the population identify with being an emotional eater.  Gain an understanding of the impulsive mind and your emotional triggers. Discover coping strategies that are evidence-based formulas to improve your emotional management.  Enjoy the support and motivation of your personal coach throughout the process.  Imagine being free from your emotional struggle with food. Schedule a free 30mins discovery session to help decide if Sum Sanos is right for you.

Is your work day long and stressful?  

Stress creates excess cortisol in the body which can trigger food cravings or excess eating.  Learn about the failure cycle and the red flags that signal life’s pitfalls. Find ways to integrate a healthy lifestyle into your existing schedule, through a highly effective action planning process. Understand the subtle power of conformity to ensure decisions are made from the heart, not the expectations of others.  Book at time to hear about the program in more detail.

Have you tried most diets only to gain more weight than when you started ?

Do you struggle to make the right food choices or regularly exercise?  Gain an understanding of ego depletion – the state if diminished self-control – and learn how to overcome your ingrained habits with your new intention. Imagine being automatically disposed to wellness?  Find out about  public presentation dates in your local area.

 Do you know 45% of the behaviours you perform everyday are repeated in the same location.  Take advantage of this context-dependent repetition and learn about the habit loop and your personal cues.  The stronger the habit the less our intentions influence or behaviour.  Time to gain control of your life through understanding the intention behaviour gap, automaticity and your mind works. 

Join a Sum Sanos™ group and receive an additional 40 hours of group coaching for free.

Enjoy the moral support of others who are also on their weight-loss journey, create new friendships and feel part of the Sum Sanos™ community. 

This program is not for the faint hearted, it is a commitment and investment in yourself, but the results are transformational.  At only $45 per week, Sum Sanos™ has a value that greatly exceeds this weekly commitment.   A coaching session alone is valued at over $170.  

The program includes:

  • The Sum Sanos™ method
  • 12x 1 hour group coaching sessions, covering a new module topic each month
  • Comprehensive study guide
  • 3 accountability calls per month
  • Monthly seminars – an opportunity to listen to Academic Director, Dr. Gina Cleo talk about high interest topics related to your wellness journey (optional)
  • Weekly symposiums or 1 hour group coaching sessions (optional)
  • Facebook community for motivation (optional)
  • Sum Sanos™ DSD Application (optional)

You will receive the support you need to make the changes in your life and acheive your desired goals which can be more than weight loss.  See below for an example of some of the non-weight related behaviours one Sum Sanos™ participant achieved.  Sum Sanos™ can transform the way you look at life, see yourself and your ability to manage your actions and behaviours.

Remember that action points and goals are unique to each participant.  The steps towards weight loss and goal achievement are decided by the individual.

This is week 3 for this particular client.

A wonderful lady who has suffered with anxiety, depression, sleep apnoea, PTSD plus all the issues that come with a 75lb weight gain since retiring from the military on the tail of multiple, debilitating back surgeries. 

  • Went through the Dash Diet cookbook - set up low sodium meal planning in conjunction with APP
  • Doesn't like grocery shopping - looking into curbside/online shopping to save time, money, and potential snack attacks!
  • Eating from a smaller plate and 
  • Increased her steps to 5,000!! - lost 3lbs 
  • Sleeping much better!
  • No longer eating with phone and TV - she used to do both
  • Applied for Chamber of Commerce sub committee - she got it! 
  • Auditioned for a voice over gig - Got it!
  • Energy levels are much higher
  • Increased her reading before bed (a passion that had slipped) to 3 days this week 20 pages.

Productive start!  Sum Sanos is changing lives!

Find out more today. You are worth the joy and happiness a healthy body and self-image can bring.  


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