What did you gain from Rebekah's presentation?

"I have gained an understanding of where I go wrong"

"Reinforcement of my own beliefs and encouragement to take action to move forward confidently"

"The YB12 introductory seminar opened my eyes to new possibilities to create a better life"

"A good place to start and plan for your future but to be in the now"

"I learned about living in the now and useful tips to help stop procrastination, loved it"

Sum Sanos client feedback

This wonderful lady has suffered with anxiety, depression, sleep apnoea, PTSD plus all the issues that come with a 75lb weight gain since retiring from the military on the tail of multiple, debilitating back surgeries. She is THRILLED with the Sum Sanos method and  coach Rebecca Fine.  This is just week 3 for this particular client. Check out the non-weight related action she has been inspired to take.

Productive start!
-Went through the Dash Diet cookbook - set up low sodium meal planning in conjunction with APP
-Doesn't like grocery shopping - looking into curbside/online shopping to save time, money, and potential snack attacks!
-Eating from a smaller plate and upped her steps to 5,000!! - lost 3lbs 
- Sleeping much better!
-No longer eating with phone and TV - she used to do both
-Applied for Chamber of Commerce sub committee - she got it! 
-Auditioned for a voice over gig - Got it!
-Energy levels are much higher
-Increased her reading before bed (a passion that had slipped) to 3 days this week 20 pages.

Sum Sanos is changing lives!


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