VIP Weight Loss or Wellness Package - 24 weeks

24 weeks


Ready to improve your physical and emotional well-being?  Want to lose weight

and keep it off? Reduce your stress or anxiety?   Whatever your
wellness goals might be this is the best package to begin your journey.

The 24 week VIP Wellness Package includes the following level of support:

Fortnightly 1 hr module sessions  -  learn the psychological tools and techniques needed to support long term change, such as habit-based
intervention, preferred reality conditioning or relaxation techniques. 

Fortnightly coaching sessions - discuss any problems or issues that may have surfaced or be supported and accountable so that you achieve your goals each week.  This session may include physical activity or personal training session.

Personal Training - a personalised physical activity programme designed specifically to your requirements.

Phone support as required 

BONUS - Free access to one yoga class per week

Total investment is $1,870

Full payment discounted 10% = $1683 – $85 at checkout and the remaining $1598 paid
first session or two installments one month apart

Weekly payment options - $85 at checkout, $85 at first meeting then weekly payments of
$85 for 22 weeks  

Payment methods will be finalised along with coaching agreement during first session 

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