Satisfied with your life? Time for your best 12 months ever?

The YB12 Classic Program supports you through the change process.  Driven by your self-analysis, you learn the skills required to move through your mental barriers and resistance.

The beauty of the YB12 Classic Program is that what you learn over 12 months will continue to be tools in your life skills toolbox.

"Have Your Best Year Ever" has been the YB12 catch phrase for the last 20 years.  What would your best year ever look like?  New car, job or holiday? 

Join the 200,000 + people that have been through the YB12 programs and make your year ahead sensational. 

Program Details 

Over 12 months we cover the 12 module topics during a monthly coaching session. You will gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want to achieve and the action planning process to support achievement.  You will also learn about handling stress, achieving a balanced life, emotional management, thinking and living creatively alongside many other module topics.

Do you want to shape your life in a way that mirrors your desires and values in life?

Do you want a toolbox of techniques to help you navigate life's turbulent times?

Do you need to make changes to become truly fulfilled and not sure where to start?

The YB12 Classic Program is for you!  Book for a free introductory meeting.


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